Unleash the Gamified Social Metaverse!

Breach transforms your online identity and mints it into an upgradeable NFT Metaverse Avatar for you to game, socialize, discover, connect and earn.

Get your first NFT and Metaverse profile set up after creating an account on Breach and unleash the true power of web 3.0 and the blockchain.

Build a guild of your own and play-to-earn. Socialize, discover, and connect. Duel and win. Level up and own the game.

Oh. My. Metaverse.

Breach Metaverse Profile, embedded with a levelling system, helping your profile gain strength and XP.

Create, engage and connect with friends and gamers all over the world.

Narrow down your search and worry only about the game, not who to game with.

The fairness of P2E and fun of GameFi. You own all in-game assets and purchases from avatar, items and more as NFTs.


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Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features

NFT Card

Your account is minted into a unique upgradeable NFT card that you can level up by dueling in Breach Arena, socializing, matchmaking, betting, and more!

Breach Arena

Use your NFT Card to duel players. Gain $BRGG, unique in-game NFTs like a sword, armor, and relish leveling up your profile.

Breach Multiverse

We will host on-chain games for you to play and earn from. Let the earning continue!

Breach Express

Discover new games and don't miss the next big thing. Receive the latest news on the hottest upcoming games.

NFT Marketplace

Trade in-game NFTs on our NFT Marketplace. The hottest NFTs will be on sale. We will list other on-chain games’ NFTs.


Find decent matches for online video games and blockchain games easily and conveniently with customizable filters.

Your Profile Stats Include

level up your metaverse profile and gain XP by

Breach Arena duels and betting on events.

Every time you have quality interactions, create, comment, post.

Rating players' experience, personality, and skills.

Like to dislike ratio. Like vs. dislike counters on your profile adds up to your level.

Matchmaking and playing games.

Statistics from other platforms (Steam etc.) add up to your minting NFT power and level.

Breach Roadmap

Find all about what's coming to you and when:

2021 Q4
  • Seed round
  • IDO
  • Breach NFT drop to token holders
2022 Q1
  • MVP with profile, registration, blog, chat, reddit like posting, matching system (alpha)
  • Creating original gaming content: game pages, reviews, tips & tricks, etc.
  • Starting partnerships with blockchain game publishers
  • Epic, Steam, Twitch, Youtube integrations - 1 click post
  • Controlled marketing and first users onboard
2022 Q3
  • Start listing and sorting blockchain games
  • NFT for games marketplace on ETH
  • Game Launchpad beta
  • Chrome extension for matching
2022 Q4 - 2024 Q4
  • 1.000.000+ users onboarded
  • Integrating other chains to NFT marketplace
  • DAO strategy


Breach celebrates everyone of our team without any regards to their ethnicity, color, religion, sexual orientation, status and more.

Remigijus Zinys
Gamer since Atari XE;
Founder of Spacebar.gg;
7+ years in community projects;
Modestas Stankevičius
Co-Founder, Lead developer
Nordcode technology;
Telia, Electronic lab;
Experienced in large projects.
Ehab Abaideen
5+ Years Marketing and Sales in Crypto, Fintech, and Blockchain projects. Bankera; SpectroCoin; Swace.
Design Lead
Justė Skladaitytė
Design Lead
6+ years in Graphic Design; Owner of JDS Media. Experience in producing, monetizing and advising companies on their own media content.
Barbora Jurenaite
Marketing Specialist
4+ years experience in marketing, sales and management.
Aurimas Sabaitis
IT and Blockchain expert
On the way helping companies and individuals to find the way into blockchain multiverse.
Mindaugas Apanavičius
Advisor, consultant
Advising on building strong online community based social project that is driven by gamification and blockchain.
Lars Blenckers
Advisor, Marketing
Co-Founder of Evangelion Capital and Social Staircase. Advising DeRace, Titan Hunters and other projects.

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