Own your online gaming identity. United. We. Play.
is a gamified social medium which in itself a game. Your online profile on Breach becomes your own personalized gaming Metaverse Avatar
Gain XP points, level up your Avatar, power it up with in-game items and take it to play Breach Arena and multiple other games.
Breach Social is where you meet your friends and connect with the world.
Discover new games and learn about your favorite games from your favorite creators.
For decades, your online identity has not belonged to you. Not anymore!
Own everything you do on Breach as in-game items from your Avatar to your gaming assets and more.
Don't let tech use you. Use tech to improve your life and earn $BRGG and in-game items along the way.
In-game Items Balancing Function and Design
No more design over function. Breach creates in-game items that are exactly as awesome as they are useful!
Breach in-game items can be:
• Traded, merged with same-rarity in-game items, or even rented.
• And they have different rarities and scarcities. From common to legendary.
• More.
Customize your Avatar!
Our in-game items can additionally be equipped to your Metaverse Avatar, to add more power to it and customizablility.
Press here to customize
Common | Epic
Breach Marketplace
To host those amazing in-game items, we are creating our own Marketplace.
Our Marketplace is for Gaming-only and cross-chain NFTs.
Filter and search for the assets you want. Trade, buy, sell, and own everything you buy or win!
Web3 Breach Native Games
Breach is developing multiple games ranging from A-RPG, FPS, Fighting, and more.
Level up your Avatar in one game and use it in all the others. Less spent. More earned!
Breach Arena
Strategy multiplayer Arena Blockchain game where you play 3v3v3 and battle to win in-game items or $BRGG.
Play casually or competitively to win higher rewards and enter into tournaments to win the jackpot!
2021 Q4 - 22 Q1
  • Seed round
  • Establishing online presence and educating our audience on Breach
  • Community-building
  • Onboarding KOL managers
  • Starting partnerships with blockchain game publishers
  • Airdrops and exclusive offers to community members
  • Creating original gaming content: game pages, reviews, tips & tricks, etc.
2022 Q2
  • MVP (Breach Social) with profile, registration, blog, chat, reddit like posting, matchmaking system (alpha)
  • Sign up with Steam, Twitch, and YouTube
  • Epic, Steam, Twitch, Youtube integrations - One-Click Share
  • Breach will be cross-chain project using ERC20, BEP20 and others
  • Breach NFT drop to token holders
  • Mass marketing and first users onboarded
2022 Q3
  • Start listing and sorting blockchain games
  • NFT Marketplace for Breach and other games based on blockchain
  • Chrome extension for Matchmaking
  • Breach play-to-earn NFT Arena game
2022 Q4 - 2024 Q4
  • Breach Arena Public Release
  • 1.000.000+ users onboarded
  • Integrating other chains to NFT marketplace
  • DAO strategy
Meet the team
Remigijus Zinys
Gamer since Atari XE;
Founder of Spacebar.gg
7+ years in community projects.
Modestas Stankevičius
8+ years in IT;
Experienced in large projects;
Ehab Abaideen
5+ years in Marketing and Sales in Crypto, Fintech, and Blockchain projects.
Bankera; SpectroCoin; Swace.
Mindaugas Apanavičius
Advisor, Consultant
Advising on building strong online community based on social project that is driven by gamification and blockchain.
Tomas Gruodis
AKA, Tom December, 4+ years in sales, marketing, e-commerce, management and consultation. Blockchain enthusiast.
Justė Skladaitytė
Design Lead
5+ years in Graphic design; Owner of JDS Media; Experience in producing , monetizing and advising companies on their own media content.
Mindaugas Butkus
Unity Lead Developer
3+ years in Unity development;
Experience in most development cycles of large projects.
Kai Wootton
3D Designer
Introduced to computers with the Sinclair ZX81. Building 3D design/generalist skill set since Toy Story (1992).
Simeon Jooste
3D designer
Motion Designer by heart, 3D generalist by profession. Attentive to detail and execution. Experience in producing motion graphics.
Investors & Backers: